Shoreline Little League

All Star Applications

Shoreline Little League is now accepting applications for the 2018 All Star Teams. Information about the All Star process and application can be found in this document:

2018 All Star Information

The preferred method to submit your application is through Google Forms.

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All Stars, simply put, is the road to Williamsport. It is one of the most rewarding events in your player’s life.

Throughout the season, your player’s coach will explain and promote All Star participation. There will be one team that will represent our league that is comprised of league age players 8, 9, & 10. One team for 9,10, & 11. One team for 10, 11, & 12 (Majors). One team for 13 & 14 (Juniors), and one for 15 & 16 (Seniors).

All of our players within those age groups are eligible to play without further registration fees. One exception is that players league age 8 must have played in the AAA division. While there are no further financial requirements, there are further time commitments. This year the players will vote for 8 players to be placed on each of the teams and the All Star Managers will choose the remainder of their team. The individual player and parents must express an interest in playing All Stars, the player must attend the All Star tryout and, if selected, must turn in all the appropriate documentation within the timeframe given by our league.

All Star teams can be announced as early as June 1. Practices are allowed after June 1 and could be 5 days a week until the district tournament begins. Players are expected to attend all practices and tournament games. The tournaments in this state are double elimination format. So, in essence you continue to play until you lose two games. The younger teams (8-10, & 9-11) may advance as far as the State level. Majors and older may advance to their respective Regional and possibly the World Series tournaments.

It is a great opportunity for your son or daughter to play after the regular season. More information will be available on the website, or if you have any questions, email