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2018 Fundraiser - Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets

Brown Bear Car Wash Flyer

2018 Shoreline Little League Fundraiser - Brown Bear CAR WASH Tickets!

Every year we have one fundraiser, this year we're asking for your support selling Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets. The money raised will help the League invest in the best equipment and fields, player development clinics, and investment in training coaches so that all players have a positive playing experience.

How it works:

The tickets will be given out to the coach or designated team parent/fundraising coordinator during coach/parent meetings:

February 26th - For AAA and above

March 21st - For AA, A and T-Ball

Each team will receive 240 tickets to distribute evenly to each player on the team. The ticket costs:

1 for $8 (actual cost of a Car Wash); 2 for $15 or 5 for $35

Cash or Check only (make checks to Shoreline Little League)

There will be more tickets available for those motivated to receive a prize.

30 tickets Shoreline little league water bottle

45 tickets Water bottle plus SLL hooded sweatshirt

60 tickets Water bottle, sweatshirt, and SLL short sleeve warm up jacket

Team prize: team that sells the most tickets will receive a team pizza party after a game that the Coach chooses.

For more tickets or if you have questions: please contact me at

Thank you for your support!

Rob Petschl, Fundraising Lead for the Shoreline Little League

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