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Sep, 2018

Vote for the 2018-2019 Shoreline Little League Board

If you were a registered Shoreline Little League participant this past spring or summer, we sent you an email asking for 5 minutes of your time. Along with an invitation to attend the Annual General Board Assembly meeting on October 9, you'll find a link to a ballot showing all the individuals who have stepped up to volunteer for next season.

Voting is easy. For President, approve one individual, and decide whether a co-president is appropriate for the transition. For Board Members, all you have to decide is if each individual would be a good addition to the Board. Who does what for the League will be decided later. For reference, there are 27 people currently raising their hand to put in some work, while there are 31 positions to fill. 

We fully understand that many of you don't know the names on the ballot or know one or two. Many of the people on the ballot were on the Board last season, coached, or were otherwise involved with the league. 

Voting closes October 9th at 1pm.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or come to the General Assembly meeting to meet everyone!

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